Speech in Noise part 3: Why is Noise a Problem for Hearing Aids?

Noise is a problem for hearing. Noise makes it hard to hear people talking to you. Noise induced hearing loss is very common. The World Health Organisation provides guidance on noise exposure risk tha...

Speech in Noise part 2: Why is Computational Cost Such a Problem for AI?

What’s the easiest way to make an AI perform better? The first answer is usually: make it bigger.

Speech in Noise part 1: Why is Latency Such a Problem for AI?

AI is all about information. Information in sound accumulates over time.

What can I use if my hearing aid breaks or I run out of batteries?

The Coronavirus was just recently termed a pandemic by the World Health Organisation, as many countries across the world either shut down for business or are about to do so. This, as one can imagine, ...


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