Face Masks, Social Distancing and Lipreading? Chatable is here to help...

Posted by Sasha Hodes on May 19, 2020 5:30:28 PM

Even during times of normality, having hearing loss means you’re faced with daily challenges when it comes to communicating. Many have learned methods to manage, such as lipreading, and have adopted technology, such as hearing aids, which has made the hearing world more accessible to them. But Covid-19 and the new way of life has brought new challenges to people with hearing loss, challenges of which traditional hearing methods and technologies are unable to overcome.

This is where Chatable Universal Hearing Aid can help. But how exactly?


People who rely on lipreading are unable to read lips when speaking to anyone wearing a facemask. Lipreading allows someone with hearing loss to better understand what has been said, to fill in the gaps of the words they didn’t catch. With facemasks covering the mouth, this is no longer possible, which means a person who relies on lipreading has to work much harder to fill in the gaps and put together what little words they caught into something intelligible. This will increase listening effort and result in more frequent instances of mental exhaustion and stress.

Chatable allows you to hear what someone has said clearly and loudly and without background, no matter if they are wearing a facemask or not. Chatable allows you to follow a conversation without the need to lipread, meaning it’s a perfect solution for this situation. See this video as an example of how well it works for hearing someone with a facemask: Chatable vs Facemask


Social distancing has effectively reduced the spread of the Coronavirus. But it makes it harder for someone to lipread, and for hearing aids to perform sufficiently. The further away someone is, the more difficult it will be for you to watch their lips and follow the movements. Governments around the world have set the distance someone should stay apart from another at six feet. Hearing aids are known to perform their best in picking up sound under six feet from the sound source, which means that talking and social distancing while using a hearing aid may result in difficulty picking up voice and other sounds with enough volume or clarity.

By using Chatable and Bluetooth (such as AirPods), social distancing isn’t a barrier to communication any longer. You will be able to follow the conversation without having to rely on lipreading, as Chatable allows you to hear conversation clearly enough so that you catch every word. You can place the phone next to the person talking, put in your Bluetooth buds, walk ten feet away and still be able to hear them with perfect clarity.


The lockdown has meant that most audiology services are partially closed and shops severely limited. And for some categorised as vulnerable, strict restrictions to the confines of the home remain in place indefinitely. As a result, you may be unable to get your hearing aid fixed or head to the shop for batteries when it goes flat. Another issue that has been reported by audiologists is the increasing reports of lost hearing aids that have a tendency to fall out as people fiddle around putting their face mask on.

To be in any of these situations can understandably be upsetting and stressful. It’s really sad to think that someone can be both locked out of the outside world and from their hearing, which is why we make clear that Chatable is a perfect hearing aid for times of emergency. It can be accessed immediately from the safety of your home by just going to the App Store or Play Store and downloading the app onto your smartphone. You don’t need to have had a hearing test or a fitting to start using Chatable.


Chatable isn’t just great for conversation. It’s a brilliant tool to help you listen to the television, too. Chatable allows you to focus on clear, loud audio from your television, distinct from background noise, without having to turn the volume all the way up and potentially damaging your ears. Now you can always catch what is said on the news and every line from a movie. Give it a go and see for yourself!

This video demonstrates how to do this: Use Chatable to Watch TV.

To download Chatable Universal Hearing Aid, go to the App Store.

Sasha Hodes